Developing a new airborne sensor?  Test it in one of our flexible, low-cost airborne platforms. We have a significant amount of experience assisting with sensor development and testing. Landcare has provided airborne sensor platforms to scientists at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Center for Imaging Science, enabling researchers to install and test their unique hyperspectral imaging and infrared sensors. By making efficient use of available space, we were able to mount their sensors in our twin engine Piper Aztecs, a relatively inexpensive aircraft considering the capacity required. We have also worked with PAR Government Systems Corporation, installing and flying prototype multispectral imaging and video systems in a Cessna 172 and Piper Aztec.  Landcare precisely follows customer-specified mission profiles which often include strict timing or ground coordination requirements

Have the sensor but need the aircraft?  Our fleet can be used to efficiently deploy your equipment around the country. Landcare Aviation, Inc. (LAI), based in Rome, NY, provides airborne operation support with a fleet of single- and multi-engine remote sensing aircraft. Our Cessna 172s and Piper Aztecs, all equipped with a variety of camera ports, are routinely deployed around the country to collect aerial imagery and operate specialized sensor equipment for several customers.  Landcare excels at providing the complex logistical support required by many remote-sensing applications. We efficiently manage deployments to meet the geographical and temporal demands of our customer's collection needs. Landcare is proficient at wide-area, long-linear, and high-volume point-target collections. Additionally, our company has experience operating within every type of airspace and over every kind of terrain.  (Aircraft availability from November through June is extremely limited)


Providing aircraft & operational support for remote sensing applications

and airframe & powerplant maintenance